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Gratis Ongkir Untuk Wilayah JAKARTA

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Shakespeare Communications is a full-service public relations firm headquartered in Dubai. As a boutique agency, we offer personalised service that fits your business needs and budget. With over a decade of regional experience, we understand what it takes to be noticed in the often noisy GCC market.

We work together with our clients to develop tailored campaigns and innovative promotional ideas designed to maximise positive brand exposure. We leverage our extensive media network to secure regular, quality coverage across channels that will raise your profile while growing your brand and your business. We provide regular, detailed reporting so that our clients are confident that every dirham spent with us sees a maximum return on investment.

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Shakespeare 5101-S


Perumahan Mahkota Simprug Blok B14 No. 6     Jl.Cipto Mangunkusumo, Tangerang 15153

Tlp / Wa :  081321214201

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